Bryan Suitt Pleads No Contest

Suitt plead no contest to the charge of murder in the second degree.

Prosecution of Sex Trafficking in Honolulu

Prosecuting Attorney Keith M. Kaneshiro addresses how the office has tackled the issue of Sex Trafficking in Honolulu.

Supreme Court overturns disqualifications of DPAs

July 7, 2015  Supreme Court Overturns Former Judge’s Ruling on Gambling Case The Hawai‘i Supreme Court has overturned former Circuit Court Judge Randal Lee’s order disqualifying two Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys from a high-profile gambling case: State v. Tracy… Read More

Why the prosecutor’s office opposes SB265

A lot of misinformation has been circulated in the community and media about the prosecutor’s office’s position on SB265, the so-called sex trafficking bill. The attached letter explains our office’s opposition to the bill and why, together with… Read More

Woman who stabbed pregnant sister receives Life Sentence

Jessica Hinebaugh receives a life sentence for stabbing her pregnant sister.

Prosecutor Press Conference: May 29, 2015

The Prosecutor and HPD notifies the public of a new credit card scheme targeting Hawaii residents

A Tribute to Victims and Survivors of Crime

In honor of National Crime Victims Rights Week 2015

Prosecutor Reveals Details of Investigation

As reported by KHON2 News on April 6, 2015; Deputy Prosecutor Chris Van Marter discusses details involving the investigation of Patrick Oki of theft.

Prosecutor’s Response to KHON2 News Report

Prosecutor Keith M. Kaneshiro’s news conference to respond to KHON2’s News Report, February 3, 2015

Prosecutor’s Media Release 10/9/2014

Statement from the Prosecuting Attorney, Keith M. Kaneshiro in response to news reports.