VIDEO: Domestic Violence Awareness Month 10-19-2021

Honolulu Prosecutor Steven Alm, Nanci Kriedman of the Domestic Violence Action Center, and Tiffany Kaeo of the Department of the Prosecuting Attorney’s office raise awareness to victims of domestic violence and the office’s new approach to handling domestic violence cases.

VIDEO: Weed & Seed Press Conference 9-8-2021

Honolulu Prosecutor Steven Alm, along with Mayor Rick Blangiardi and HPD Police Chief Rade Vanic, discuss the re-introduction of the Weed & Seed program in Honolulu’s Chinatown and Kalihi-Palama districts.

VIDEO: Press Conference 8-23-2021

Honolulu Prosecutor Steven Alm discusses the department’s position on the officer-involved shooting of Iremamber Sykap and the court’s ruling.

VIDEO: Press Conference 6-30-2021

Honolulu Prosecutor Steven Alm discusses the department’s findings of the Honolulu Police Officer shooting of Lindani Myeni. WARNING: Due to graphic content, YouTube log-in required.

VIDEO: Steven Alm, Star-Advertiser Livestream 8-11-21

Prosecutor Steven Alm joined Star-Advertiser’s Spotlight Hawaii to discuss issues affecting our State.

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