Cybercriminals use technology to steal money, personal information and intellectual property. They also use technology to create and spread malicious software, to disrupt and deny computer services, to stalk, harass and bully, and to further criminal activity such as identity theft and child pornography.

Adult pornography is another way they spread malicious software for the purpose of getting access to information held on your computer or corrupting it. Before free adult websites like became available on the internet there were hardly any free adult pornography websites, most were either pay per view or membership-based, which meant that the possibility of viewing free adult porn was appealing whenever adverts popped up offering it, this is where they got you, the minute you clicked on the link in the advert to view the supposedly free porn but then the software would download onto your computer to either embed a virus that you couldn’t get rid of or access personal information which could then lead to identity theft.

These days though due to the increasing number of free adult porn websites this is not as popular a method as it once was, many have wised up to it and choose not to use links or have already found their favorite free porn website so don’t go looking for another.

In Hawaii, the No. 1 reported misuse of technology involves the use of a computer to further a fraud scheme. The following examples illustrate the sort of schemes most often reported by Hawaii residents.

Wiring Money Scams

Internet Fraud
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