2016 International Sex Trafficking Summit
Sponsored by the Honolulu Prosecutor’s office, the City Council of Honolulu, and the National District Attorneys Association, this event united prosecutors and law enforcement agencies from Asia, Hawaiʻi, and the U.S. mainland to share in the strategies, best practices, and methodologies to combatting the very global problem of sex trafficking and human trafficking.

Hawaii International Drug Trafficking Summit
This event brought together drug prosecutors from several countries, district attorneys from 10 mainland jurisdictions, and federal, state and county law enforcement officials from Hawaii. The summit helped foster a spirit of cooperation and forged ties that will enable law enforcement to target the sources of drug distribution.

Legislative Action
The prosecutor’s office was instrumental in the enactment in 2012 of new laws targeting the growing use of computers in criminal activity. One of these – Act 325, which authorizes law enforcement officials to retrieve computer records held in another state for use as evidence – led to identity theft and theft charges against five New York residents who came to Waikiki and went on a buying spree using fraudulently encoded credit cards.

Animal Cruelty
The extradition of the manager of a squalid puppy mill who had fled to the mainland to avoid prosecution sent a message that Honolulu was serious about animal cruelty.

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