Victim of a Violent Crime

As a victim of a violent crime you might be:

  • wondering “why did this happen to me?”
  • experiencing feelings of fear, helplessness, anger and confusion
  • having difficulty sleeping or concentration at work
  • reliving the crime over and over again in your mind
  • anxious to know where the suspect is at present
  • wondering what happens next with the criminal justice system

As a victim of a violent crime, experiencing any or all of the above is common. You may also be experiencing other symptoms which are not listed. Each individual reacts differently to being hurt. You know best how this crime is affecting you. It is important for you to let those who support you know how you are feeling or to seek the support you need.

A victim advocate can assist you by:

  • helping you apply for crime victim compensation, if applicable
  • referring you to community resources if you need additional services
  • explaining the criminal justice system
  • providing you with case information
  • helping prepare you to testify at court
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