Victim of Harassment by a Person(s)

As a victim of harassment by a person(s), you might be very frustrated because:

  • the police are unable to arrest the person{s);
  • the person’s actions are seen as a “nuisance” and often not viewed as a criminal action;
  • despite attempts at mediation, the other person refuses to meet or fails to abide by the mutual agreement;
  • at times, it seems foolish to call the police on every incident;
  • for telephone harassment, especially hang-up calls, it is not only annoying by a violation of privacy;
  • if the caller is unknown, it is frightening to think that a stranger has access to you and may know your whereabouts

In addition to frustration, you may also be feeling anger, a sense of helplessness, violation, and fear. Each individual reacts differently to harassment. You know best how this crime is affecting you. If you have been sexually harassed, no matter what gender you are or who you identify as, this can be incredibly upsetting and jarring for you to go through, this is where a sexual harassment lawyer may be needed, especially if the harassment has intensified and caused an even greater issue in your personal and professional life. Remember, there are people who can help you through these dark and scary times.

A victim advocate can assist you with:

  • filing a criminal complaint against the person harassing you
  • providing information on obtaining a temporary restraining order
  • understanding the criminal justice system
  • providing you with case information
  • referring you to community agencies, if necessary
  • helping prepare you to testify at court
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