Surviving Family Member of a Homicide Victim

As a surviving family member of a homicide victim, you are a victim(s) of the crime. Your loss is great. A victim advocate can assist you through the criminal justice system. The advocate can provide the following information to you:

  • an explanation of the criminal justice system
  • the status of the case in the criminal justice system
  • the custody status of the suspect/defendant
  • the amount of bail
  • the name and telephone number of the assigned prosecutor
  • dates of the criminal proceedings
  • arrangements for court accompaniment, if necessary
  • helping prepare you to testify at court, if necessary
  • information about the verdict and sentencing

The advocate can also assist with:

  • applying for crime victim compensation to help with funeral and burial expenses, if entitled by law
  • preparing a victim impact statement to be reviewed by the sentencing judge
  • referrals to support groups, if desired
  • a list of reading materials to assist children in dealing with their loss
  • referrals to community resources, as needed
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